How It Works

NewsFeed1The OWN Wealth Matrix is a Premier Team. Converting web traffic for you and building a team for you in the opportunity of the Team’s choice. Our goal is to help our members build a profitable business from home while having a life in the process.

We build a team for our members on Autopilot by delivering high-quality leads and web traffic to the opportunities we select to build for the Online Wealth Network Team.  By effectively doing this, we can offer valuable income services to members of the OWN Matrix at a fraction of the cost you would pay trying to build a team on your own in the same opportunities.

Our Expert Team of Media Strategists build custom, highly optimized campaigns based on the opportunity offered to the Online Wealth Network Matrix Team.  Then drive that traffic to our sales page and placing new OWN Matrix Team members under existing members when they join the Team.

This allows the members of OWN Matrix to save time and money that it really takes to build a profitable home business.

Living your life is your business. Building a profitable business for you – that’s the OWN Matrix ‘s business.

Our Award Winning Team is comprised of some of the TOP Marketers and Traffic Specialists on the Internet today.  We secured top-notch Media Buyers, Copywriters and Marketing Strategists to provide high converting lead generation, marketing and sales services for our members.

How Does It Work?

The Online Wealth Network Matrix is a Team.  This is a team building site for the masses, in order to have the success that we have in store for you,  remaining  a part of the team and join each opportunity as it comes along.  This will keep the integrity of each team members income over the long haul.


Every 90 days or so the OWN Matrix will be releasing a new opportunity for the entire team to join.  At that time the OWN Matrix will “Flip The Switch”, flipping the Matrix upside down and giving those members who are at the bottom of the Matrix, the chance to experience the success of being at the top of the team in a new opportunity.

Meanwhile, those who where at the top will be shifted to the bottom and The OWN Matrix will continue to build the Team below them.  Over time, this will push members to the middle of the Matrix, giving them the most stable income over all.  The over all goal is having every member making nearly the same amount of income over the next 12-24 months.   The doors to the team will close at 10,000 members and will not reopen unless otherwise decided by the Admin of the OWN Matrix.

Click Below for A Quick Video Demonstration of How The OWN Matrix Works

What Do I Get:

After you  join The OWN Matrix create your new account and register for the opportunity, you will be billed $50 per month membership fee. This fee goes towards the ongoing marketing, traffic, team building and day to day operations of the site that will be done by the OWN Matrix Admin Team on your behalf.

If you were to take on the tasks of building a 6-figure online affiliate team, your expenses would be much more than most people realize.  Sure you could be making a lot of money but most end up going broke before they even start to market their product. Here’s just an average breakdown from our experience with the operating Costs To Run A 6-Figure Online Business From Scratch…

Advertising costs for a single user

  • solo ads ($2,500/mo)
  • Facebook PPC ($1,500/mo)
  • Bing PPC ($500/mo)
  • YouTube PPC ($500/mo)
  • PPV campaigns (starts at $1,000/mo)
  • CPVRV campaigns ($600/mo)
  • re-targeting ($400/mo)

Marketing costs

  • high converting capture pages ($100/page)
  • rotators ($10/mo)
  • tracking software ($50/mo)
  • auto responder ($69/mo)
  • split testing ($250/mo)
  • copywriting ($250/piece)
  • ad creative ($150/piece)
  • video software ($100)
  • sales process ($2000)
  • social media management ($500/mo)
  • marketing management ($250/piece)

Design costs

  • web site concept, look feel and direction ($1,500)
  • banners ($250)
  • logos and branding ($500)

Web development costs

  • plugins ($1000+)
  • membership software
  • more than 240 man hours
  • hosting fees ($100/mo)
  • server upgrades ($200+/mo)
  • programmer fees ($1000+)
  • merchant fees ($100/mo + transaction fees)






This Is How Much YOU Would Normally Spend
To Run A 6-Figure Online Business From Scratch


NOT With Us…

The OWN Matrix uses the membership fee for everything above and more to build the Team Matrix.

Everyone on the team gets leverage for all of the membership fees.  As you can see from the list above, The OWN Matrix takes care of the graphics, ad copy, paid marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, all the sales, support, follow up emails and much much more for you.

You simply join the next opportunity when directed by email from the Online Wealth Network Admin, and let the system do the heavy lifting for you by building your team on Autopilot.

See What Our Team Members Are Saying…

Create Your New Member Account:

Member Steps 1 - 2 - 3After joining the OWN Matrix you will be directed to complete your account setup by following the simple 3 step process.

The completion of these steps is critical to your success.

The first step is simply an overview of the OWN Matrix system,  going through everything you need to do to position yourself to earn multiple streams of income from the system.

Note: Please confirm all OWN Matrix emails and click step 2.


Join Your First Opportunity:


After creating your OWN Matrix account and completing the first step in the system,  you will be directed to join the most current money making opportunity that The OWN Matrix Team is building.

NOTE: The opportunities are chosen very carefully by the Admin under specific criteria.  Such as;  Cost, how it will work with the structure of our programming and profitability for team members. Opportunity startup costs will generally range between $25 – $100 (in addition to your OWN Matrix Membership)

Once you have followed the video instructions to create your account and sign up for the current opportunity, there is only one step left to complete and you are done.


Join Our Partner Program:

Wdigital-handshake-1024x680ant to learn how to market and generate sales like the BIG Internet Marketing Gurus do?

Want to scale up earn additional commissions on every sale YOU bring to the Team?

If you do, the OWN Matrix Partner Program is the place for you to be!

Note: Our Partner Program is FREE to join and will help you scale up your business fast!


How Do We “Flip The Switch” On Your Results?

This is where being a member of The OWN Matrix gets really exciting.  I am speaking to you in the terms that you have seen or been a part of some other network marketing opportunity and understand how the team and compensation structures generally work.

The OWN Matrix once again is simply a Team.  This Team and its members will be joining multiple opportunities over the next 12-24 months and stay involved in each of those opportunities.

Wealth Switch ON

With each new opportunity that the OWN Matrix Admin chooses for the team, the system will “Flip”  the Team Matrix Upside down approximately every 90 days.  At this point, those members who are at the bottom move to the top and those who are at the top will move to the bottom and the marketing will continue to build the team below those members.

This means that when we “Flip” the team you will want to register for the new opportunity because the OWN Matrix is going to take the members that are above you and place them below you, creating a new Team for you instantly in the newest opportunity. The system will also continue to build the The OWN Matrix team by placing new members into the wealth matrix.

(Note: The “FLIP” time will vary slightly and will be approximately every 90 days).

This creates leveraged, residual income for everyone that follows our simple 3 step system.

Join. Relax. Get Money.

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